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Important Announcement: We are constantly experiencing internet connectivity issues. if you are experiencing difficulty with this site ,please contact Joe by phone on +61 (07) 4099 3713 or Maree +61 0409845274. if you are interested in any specimens currently available. or email jofram@bigpond.com or macamito4@gmail.com

size: 35x20x7mm wt: 29gm

43M Gold Nugget kalgoorlie WA

644M Meionite Mt isa QLD

473M Rhodonite broken hill NSW

246M Reticulated cerussite broken hill NSW

About This Site

Austminsale is a host to an extensive number of minerals, gathered from around the world now being put up for sale. We showcase a wide range of diversity, of Australian and international minerals, put together over a period of more than fifty years.

Many of them are from mines in Australia and overseas that were closed down many years ago and are no longer available through the normal purchasing channels. It contains the not so esthetic for species collectors, as well as the expected exceptional pretty specimens that are in such high demand from collectors today.

There are many treasures to be found in this cross section of the mineral kingdom that is in this collection, which have never yet been on display.

About The Collection

Joe Francese of Austminsale is a mineral collector and has been collecting minerals for more than fifty years. Austminsale originally was set up many years ago and exhibited on the web to benefit the beginner, and has been host to a collection of minerals gathered from around the world. The collection showcased a wide range of diversity, of Australian and international minerals for the benefit of the general public that were interested in mineral collecting.

Chalcedony psuedomorphing Bamboo Java Indonesia

91M neptunite california USA

107M Agate minas gerais Brazil

126M Babingtonite Hunan China

Browsing The Collection On Online

 To find out more about the collection, you can browse through the photographs on line. Please bear in mind that photographs do not always do justice to the specimen. I must also apologise for some of the poor quality of some of my pics. I am not a professional photographer, but I will endeavour to improve those offending pics over the coming months and years.

Not Always Pretty, but Always Precious

As with any extensive collection, not all of our specimens are pretty, but there is more to serious mineral collecting than aesthetic appeal. This site at Austminsale represents a vast cross- section of the mineral kingdom in Australia and around the world. Many of these specimens will be invaluable as research and educational tools for individuals and institutions in fields such as mineralogy, geology, and earth sciences.

This is a species collection so there are many minerals that would not normally be seen at the usual shows, they will eventually be put on display for sale.

73 M Saleeite ranger mine NT

397M zirconolite mogok Myanmar

103M Rhodonite broken hill NSW

112M bustamite broken hill NSW

Macro Minerals

These are cabinet to large sizes ranging from 3 x 3” to 15 x 12”. Our macro minerals collection includes more than 4,500 specimens.

Micro Minerals

Ausminsale’s micro minerals crystal collection features matchbox to thumbnail size specimens from 2 x 2” to 0.5”. We have more than 3,500 micro mineral specimens in this collection.


Our collection of international and Australian gemstones includes faceted, cabochon, cat’s eye, and 6-8-12 ray star stones, mostly of high gem quality. There are more than 400 specimens in our gemstone collection.

Abbreviations and Locations

  • VIC = Victoria
  • NSW= New South Wales
  • TAS = Tasmania
  • QLD = Queensland
  • NT = Northern Territory
  • SA = South Australia
  • WA = Western Australia
  • King Island = Tasmania
  • Flinders Island = Tasmania
  • Phillip Island = Victoria

1 Carved Koala. White opal Coober Pedy  SA

56 Topaz ratnapura Sri Lanka 

27g  Hambergite mogok Myanmar

28g  honey star quartz ratnapura Sri Lanka

Disclaimer – Please Read This Message From Austminsale

Many thousands of minerals have come into my possession over fifty years or so. I have purchased and exchanged specimens from mineral dealers, mine owners and administrators, working and retired miners, mineral collectors, clubs and individuals overseas and at home.

Some of the specimens that have come into my possession, whether through legitimate dealers or others, have proved not to be valid, indeed many of the specimens that have been obtained over the years, I obtained knowing that they were incorrectly labelled, but I suspected that I knew what they really were. For example, Ilvaite that I obtained as schorl, or topaz as quartz etc.

Common sense and a reasonable working knowledge about minerals, is how I have acquired my collection. I have my own identifying labels, which show locality and relevant information, although some specimens do have labels of previous owners sitting in their box.

No, it is that reliability of my mineral knowledge that I have relied on and now pass on to you the purchaser. A small number of specimens may have a question mark against them, because I am not sure of their validity? They may have a dubious location which may or may not be correct? Or With some specimens it is just a feeling? Which, I am sure many of you will understand, etc.

Many of the minerals in demand from Broken Hill especially the Kintore and block 14, are impossible to identify in the hand specimen. A microscope is most definitely needed for many of the micro crystals. I have spent hours poring over specimens which contain five or more minerals identifying one or two, the rest is left to guesswork.

The idea is to recognise at least one of the minerals on the specimen being inspected, this can be a pointer to other ones.

Lastly , I am not a dealer, it is my own personal collection I am putting out on the market, it is not my preference to break up my collection and sell it on line, there are some Museums that I would love to have donated my collection to around Asia, but experience tells me that corruption would soon enough see it dwindle to a small number of insignificant pieces.

Now on a lighter note, I have some large specimens that museum collectors /curators/avid collectors and so on etc, will be interested in, and large hand size cabinet specimens to small cabinet, down to the smallest micro/thumbnail.

The collection is in three parts, Macro, Micro and Gems. There are Macro specimens in excess of 4500~, Micro of which there are 3500~ some of which are gem quality, and Gems which are mainly faceted and some cabochons which together number over 400~ stones. A lot of the smaller cabochons are not included in this figure.

Some of the Gem weight calculations may be slightly inaccurate, as my electronic scales here differ in the irregular weather conditions which prevail where I live. But I have allowed for that in the prices that I have set for the pieces, and prices are set down accordingly. Some of the heavier mineral weights are guestimates but they are reasonably close.

Lastly there are minerals in excess to the collection sitting in more than a dozen large boxes.

If there is someone/anyone/group/dealer/who may be interested in buying a comprehensive mineral collection, please feel free to contact me. e-mail or telephone. The collection is completely catalogued and photographed, although some of the pics are definitely not as good as they should be, but can be made available on request.

If you feel that my prices are exorbitant, please have a look at the size of the specimen, next the rarity, and then the quality, etc. Then after you have done that if you are still unhappy with the price, well then negotiate with me.

Note: Some of the specimens in the pictures appear to have been truncated due to dreadful photography, but it is really how this program works. If you enlarge the pictures you will see the whole specimen in the picture. Click onto the black circle in the centre of the picture to enlarge.