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Ngulaa, the Warrigul Kindle Edition

Ngulaa The Warrigul

First time author Joseph Francese, brings to life a thrilling tale of Aboriginal life as it has been never portrayed before. He takes us for a visit into prehistory, to the dawn of the original Australian. His masterful use of a primitive Aboriginal Ngulaa, The Warrigul, witchdoctor, wise man, chief and super hero, who seeks out the story of his ancestors. The long walk of the pygmies and other tribes across the land bridge of Sahul from Papua New Guinea to Australia. The wars and massacres. The migrations and the invasions down into the uninhabited lands of the Australian continent. It is a story of life in the raw in Australia from the Pleistocene to some thousands of years ago.

This book would be great for a movie.

Vesuvianite – Mogok Myanmar

Coffee Opal – Meka Sari – Indonesia

Chrysoberyl xl – Ratnapura – Sri Lanka

About This Site

Austminsale is a host to an extensive number of minerals, gathered from around the world now being put up for sale. We showcase a wide range of diversity, of Australian and international minerals, put together over a period of more than fifty years.

Many of them are from mines in Australia and overseas that were closed down many years ago and are no longer available through the normal purchasing channels. It contains the not so esthetic for species collectors, as well as the expected exceptional pretty specimens that are in such high demand from collectors today.

There are many treasures to be found in this cross section of the mineral kingdom that is in this collection, which have never yet been on display.

About The Collection

Joe Francese of Austminsale is a mineral collector and has been collecting minerals for more than fifty years.Austminsale originally was set up many years ago and exhibited on the web to benefit the beginner and has been host to an extensive collection of minerals gathered from around the world. The collection showcases a wide range of diversity, of Australian and international minerals for the benefit of the general public, that are interested in mineral collecting.

The time has come for this collection to be put up for sale.

The listing is divided into three groupings, Macro, Micro and Gems. For those viewers interested in seeing some of the collection, you can browse through some of the photographs shown on line from the home page.

But be advised that the minerals on display are not representative of what is in the collection today, as some of the pics are quite old and are not currently up to date. Some may have been traded or sold over the years and there have been many new ones added.

Enquiries as to what are available is welcome.

Browsing The Collection On Online

 To find out more about the collection, you can browse through the photographs on line. Please bear in mind that photographs do not always do justice to the specimen. I must also apologise for some of the poor quality of some of my pics. I am not a professional photographer, but I will endeavour to improve those offending pics over the coming months and years.

Not Always Pretty, but Always Precious

With such an extensive collection, not all of our specimens are pretty, but there is much more to a serious crystal collection than aesthetic appeal. The collection at Ausminsale represents a vast cross-section of the mineral kingdom in Australia and around the world. It is an invaluable research and educational tool for individuals and institutions interested in fields such as mineralogy, geology, and earth sciences.

Macro Minerals

These are cabinet to large sizes ranging from 3 x 3” to 15 x 12”. Our macro minerals collection includes more than 2 600 specimens.

Micro Minerals

Ausminsale’s micro minerals crystal collection features matchbox to thumbnail size specimens from 2 x 2” to 0.5”. We have more than 2 760 micro mineral specimens in this collection.


Our collection of international and Australian gemstones includes faceted, cabochon, cat’s eye, and 6-8-12 ray star stones, mostly of high gem quality. There are more than 400specimens in our gemstone collection.

Abbreviations and Locations

  • VIC = Victoria
  • NSW= New South Wales
  • TAS = Tasmania
  • QLD = Queensland
  • NT = Northern Territory
  • SA = South Australia
  • WA = Western Australia
  • King Island = Tasmania
  • Flinders Island = Tasmania
  • Phillip Island = Victoria